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Audiowell to Reveal Water Management Breakthrough at CES 2016

Release Time:2016-01-04    Reads:7759

At CES 2016 Audiowell will launch its first new product of this year — a water management solution for smart home. This innovative product, which is a breakthrough in digital flow sensing technology and its application, will be demonstrated in LVH 43007 at LVCC on January 6-9, 2016.



With digital flow sensors measuring the water usage in your home, this water management solution can monitor residential water consumption and flow via a mobile APP. It can be applied in the control and management of residential water systems.

* Leakage prevention: automatically cuts off if the water keeps flowing at night or when nobody is at home
* Convenient monitoring: monitor your water flow by APP anytime and anywhere
* Knows every drop: help you better understand where the water is used

The key element of this smart home water management solution is the digital flow sensor. It integrates a chip that processes the ultrasonic signals, and therefore can directly output digital flow signals such as instantaneous flow and accumulated flow. The digital flow sensor has a variety of applications including home appliances, ultrasonic water meter and heat meter.


* Passive wakeup with active alert for abnormal status (empty pipe, leakage, transducer failure, etc.)
* High adaptability for various pipe sizes
* Saves time and cost for customized flowmeter development
* Stainless steel housing and compliance with GBT17219


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Exhibition Place:
Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center
Exhibition Time: January 6-9, 2016
Booth Number:   LVH 43007


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