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Registration Clauses

Welcome to register a membership at the website of Audiowell Electronics (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. Please read the following clauses for registration:  

Ⅰ. Membership qualification

1. All natural persons accepting membership registration clauses of this website are qualified to get membership of the website of Audiowell Electronics (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.;

2. Those who get membership shall provide detailed and correct personal information and frequently update registration information to conform to actual condition.

Ⅱ. Acceptance of membership registration clauses of the website

1. reserves the right of operation and interpretation of the website;

2. Getting membership from our website for enjoying services provided by the website, users must accept and strictly abide by all membership registration clauses. Successful registration means that user agrees to accept the registration clauses to get membership from the website and enjoying specified services from the website.

Ⅲ. Important clauses for members to abide by:

1. All contents provided by the website are for personal use of members only;

2. Dissemination of contents breaking the clauses is strictly prohibited. In case of breaking, the breaking party will be pursued related responsibilities;

(1) It is a must for everyone to accept Audiowell website use clauses for registering a membership of Audiowell. Meanwhile, when successfully getting membership from the website, users are bestowed upon full rights of Audiowell membership while sh all also undertake membership obligations of Audiowell at the same time

(2) Members should abide by the principle of patriotism, law abiding,self-discipline, sincerity and civilization;members should advocate internet moral rules, and comply with the Standing Committee of National People's Congress’s Decision on Safeguarding Internet Security and other related laws and regulation of the People’s Republic of China;
(3) It is strictly prohibited to release any articles and views containing the contents against state laws and regulations, harmful to state security, breaching national solidarity and social stability; it is strictly prohibited to publish any articles and views containing the contents with racial, sexual and religious discrimination, or articles and views with pornographic contents, or personal abuse like insult, snap, vilification or in other forms. This website reserves the rights to check the articles and views, and delete the articles and views breaking the regulations above; in case of serious breaking, the website has the rights to abolish membership qualification of the users;

(4) Members shall undertake all the legal liabilities caused by direct or indirect behaviors of himself;  

(5) If with no authorization or consent from the website, any members are prohibited from performing any profit-making activities in the name of the website, nor taking the website as place, platform or any other form of media for making the profit. It is prohibited from using the website as place, platform or any other form of media for any illegal activities. In case of breaking laws, the violator shall be responsible for all the consequences, and the website shall not assume any liabilities;

(6) The website reserves the rights to revise rules, delete unqualified members and irregular cleaning.  

Ⅳ. Account, password and security of members

At successful registration, users will get membership from the website, and member account and password as well.

Ⅴ. User privacy system

Keeping members privacy  secrete is the basic policy of Audiowell website. Unless mandatory requirements from laws and regulations, we will not disclose or edit registration information, or sell, lease or rent user list to a third party if with no authorization from the members.

Ⅵ. Members shall assume all liabilities causing account abolished by the followings:

1. Breaking registration clauses of this website;

2. Conduct harmful to others;

3. Breaking laws and regulations of China

Ⅶ. Intellectual property right and copyright statement

1. All contents of the website are protected by copyright law and other related laws. Unauthorized reproduction and copy of the content are prohibited;

2. Contents provided by the website are for member's personal use, rather than other purposes.

Ⅷ. Legal statement and others

1. The service clauses are governed by laws of the People’s Republic of China. Both members and the website shall agree to be dominated by law court of the People’s Republic of China. In case of conflict of registration clauses against laws of the People’s Republic of China, the clauses shall be interpreted following the laws, and the other clauses shall remain effective for members;

2. Help information, related introduction of column and precautions are attachments of the clauses serving as detailed basis for interpreting the clauses.