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Audiowell was invited to the Science and Technology Day of Shiqiao Central Primary School in Panyu.

Release Time:2011-11-30    Reads:6845

         Audiowell was invited to attend the Science and Technology Day hosted by Shiqiao Central Primary School on Nov. 28th, 2011 in Panyu.The theme for this activity is "Exploring the mysteries of science and technology",which is aimed to develop the interest and knowledge in science, and to stimulate the innovation spirit of the primary school students.
         To welcome the wonderful day, the school was decorated as a paradise of science and technology, where plenty of colorful flags reflect the smiles of the young generation. It is a hopeful and happy atmosphere. The opening of this activity meets the vitality of a group of young students who performed a dance called "Baby, GO GO GO". Then Audiowells engineer, Doctor Wang Qiujun, who is invited to be the Honorary Professor of Shiqiao Central Primary School, shows the students of Audiowells high-tech products, including Shock Sensor and Ultrasonic Atomizer which gained the great interest of the students. Looking at the shining light and changing number in the LED screens, they asked "What, Why, How" questions frequently and hungrily.
         Audiowells high-tech products stimulated great interest of the young students, and showed them the incredible power of science and technology.


Opening Dance"Baby Go Go Go"

Doctor Wang Qiujun, Honorary Professor of Shiqiao Central Primary School (The fourth from left)






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