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Audiowell launch the new product.

Release Time:2011-11-21    Reads:13439

Product Name: Sealed-Type Ultrasonic Sensor
    Product Introduction: Mainly used in parking sensor system and parking assistant system, this new model of ultrasonic sensor uses the piezo ceramic disc and it’s inverse piezoelectric effect for transmitting and receiving the ultrasonic signal in order to calculate the transferring time so as to detect the distance.

Product picture:

Product Figure:
        1.High Frequency: This model is with centre frequency of 48KHz, which is higher than normal 40KHz sensor.
        2.High Sensitivity and long detection range: With a standard size of 20*20*1.0cm plastic board at 1 meter away, the sensitivity of this model can be up to 700MV, which is higher than the normal one with 300MV sensors, which also enable the model to detect the longer distance.
        3.Small Angle: With 50°cone angle, which is smaller than the normal one with 90°, this model can highly avoid false alarm by detect ground.

Main Application: With its water and dust resistant design, this model can be used in parking sensor system, level detector, proximity switch, which might have direct contact with water, rain or dust and other severe environment.

Model No:TC0101-000--T/R48-16H0Z-L12-01






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