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Audiowell is a profesional piezoelectric products manufacturer. We produce our products from basic piezoelectric materials. Our products mainly include:
Piezoelectric element, , Piezoelectric diaphragms, Piezoelcrtric Buzzers, Ultrasonic sensor, Ultrasonic atomizing transducer, Ultrasonic cleaning transducer.

 We have more than 5 years of OEM experience. Our engineers, rich in experience and knowledge, help the customers to design the new types of products and solve practical problems. 
Sample Availability & Policy
 We offer free or paid samples of selected products upon customers request. Please contact us and we will be glad to provide the estimated sample requests. 
After Sales Service
To be as active as possible
To response customers ASAP
To try our best to solve problems 
Site Advantages/Description
Located at one of the main economic development area of Guangzhou, very close to Baiyun International Airport and Huangpu port, about one and half hours by train from Hong Kong. 
Primary Competitive Advantages
Experienced R&D Department
OEM Capability
Big Production Capacity
Competitive Price
International Pizoelectirc Ceramic Products Supplier
Worldwide Pizoelectirc Ceramic Products Supplier