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From 1999 to 2018, Audiowell completed the transformation from a private SME to a public limited company.

※ In June 1999, Audiowell was established. In November, we started operating and production.

※ In June 2000, Audiowell obtianed the RWTUVISO9002 international quality management system certification. 

※ In 2002, the ultrasonic sensor production line was established, and access to the domestic market.

※ In 2003, Audiowell set up the ultrasonic transducer production line, plant area expanded to 4900 square meters.

※ In 2004, Audiowell increased the production capacity of three series of products, the plant area expanded to 8000 square meters.

※ In April 2004, Audiowell passed ISO9001 and QS9000 quality management system certification.

※ In 2004, Audiowell was approved as Guangzhou High-tech enterprise, and obtained the award of technology innovation enterprise 2004”.

※ In 2005, the research and development center was established, and authorized from governent and got financial support.

※ In 2006, Passed the ISO/TS16949 Quality Management System Certification.

※ In 2007, Audiowell set up dust-free plant.

※ In 2008, Audiowell was awarded the “Guangdong high-tech enterprise”. 

※ In 2010, Audiowell got the silver prize of “Hongkong Electronic Industries Association innovative technology product”.

※ In 2011, Audiowell won the title of “Guangdong high-tech product” and “Guangdong high-tech enterprise”. And was awarded as “ Chinese Top 50 valuable companies for investment”. 

※ In 2012, Audiowell boarded the list of” Chinese most potential private company of Forbes 2012”

※ November 2012, Audiowell passed ISO14000 and ISO18000 quality management system certification.


※ June 2014, Audiowell boarded the list of "Chinese Top 100 Electronic Companies"

※ January 2015, Ranked AAA in the enterprise credit rating by China Electronic Components Association.

※ May 2015, Was successfully listed on NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotations) .

※ In 2016, Audiowells<The standard of Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Sensor> adopted in the Chinese industry standards.

※ December 2018, Audiowell Ultrasonic Sensor Manufacturing Base(Zhaoqing) main building completed.

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