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Audiowell Introduces Anti-interference Flow Sensor with High Temperature

Release Time:2015-05-15    Reads:16485

In May 2015 Audiowell launched US0023, an anti-interference flow sensor with high temperature and pressure resistance for ultrasonic heat meters. This sensor is enclosed with copper alloy that is resistant to high temperature and high pressure. With operating temperature range as large as  4 oC~120 oC and maximum pressure as high as 3.5MPa, the sensor can work well under high-temperature and high-pressure conditions. The transducer disk inside the flow sensor is insulated from the copper-alloy enclosure, and the cable is braid shielded to better screen the noise from outer signals.

Audiowell is a leading provider of sensor elements and solutions which has focused on the field of sensor for 15 years. Based on sensor technologies, it is a high-tech enterprise with independent R&D, production and sales. Audiowells sensor products are widely used in ultrasonic heat meters, ultrasonic water meters, ultrasonic gas meters, etc.

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