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Do You Have Concerns of Your Car Being Stolen?——Ultrasonic sensor will help you

Release Time:2013-06-06    Reads:14451

        Chinese people have been living a more and more modernized life since the implementation of reform and opening policy, and car is becoming a indispensable part in the daily life. However, meanwhile, with the increasing number of new cars, crime of car theft, after the first time occurred to a T-type Ford, has become one of the most common crimes around the world, as well as a nightmare to car owners.

        Therefore, various types of car alarms, such as mechanical type, electric type, digital security chip and network alarm, and so on, are developed against more and more advanced car stolen methods. But among all these car alarms, the key is ultrasonic sensor, which transmits ultrasonic wave to detect external intrusions and the system will reflect based on the ultrasonic wave it received. So it proves that the sensitivity of ultrasonic sensor determines the performance of car alarm system.

        Compared with other normal ultrasonic sensors, the ultrasonic sensors Audiowell launched are prominent for higher sensitivity of 4dB. Thus it improves the security level of the car a lot. 

        Setting base on the philosophy of“Be good people, produce good product and create good life together”, Audiowell is engaging in producing more and more high quality Made-in-China products with her strong ability of high tech innovation.


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