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Smarter Living: Ultrasonic Flow Sensors Variety

Release Time:2017-04-29    Reads:11371

Speaking of ultrasonic flow sensors, the first thing that comes into your mind is probably the high-precision flow meter for industrial pipes or the smart ultrasonic water meter which is replacing the mechanical water meter in an increasing number of households. Though rarely associated with home appliances, ultrasonic sensors have shown their strength in making your home smarter. 

Leakage Detection
Leaks from pipes, plumbing fixtures and fittings not only cause waste of water, but also result in property damage. While most leak sensors are installed on the floor and alerts you when it detects water or moist around, they cannot do anything when the leakage occurs in invisible spots, such as toilet flapper valves and cracked water supply lines. 

Now this challenge is met by ultrasonic flow sensor modules. Audiowell’s series FS000X uses a pair of ultrasonic sensors to make real-time flow measurement. Due to its large dynamic range, any dripping as slow as 1 … 6 l/h can be detected no matter where the leak occurs. Flow data are calculated by the integrated TDC circuit providing digital format output. Utilizing a remote controlled valve the module will shut off your water immediately and send you leak alerts by mobile app while you are thousand miles away from home.

Smart Bathroom
The manual switch has been abandoned by some advanced bathroom products such as smart faucet, smart shower and auto fill bathtub. Instead, they use flow sensor and electronic controlled systems to accurately adjust water flow. Therefore a flow sensor with high accuracy and digital output is useful in bringing good user experience.

Tankless Water Heaters
Every tankless water heater needs temperature sensor and flow sensor/switch to determine how much power it should use to bring the water to the target temperature. Frequently Reed Switches and Hall Effect sensors are used in these water heaters. But in order to adjust the temperature more effectively, a flow sensor with high accuracy in both, high and low flow range is required. Ultrasonic flow sensor modules of Audiowell’s series FS000X provide 2 … 5 % accuracy in the range of 15 … 2500 l/h. Together with its small pressure drop, it makes a very good fit to this application. On top ultrasonic modules do not make use of any moving parts, which gives them much higher reliability and longer work life compared to traditional flow sensors.

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