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Audiowell to Showcase Intelligent Life Technologies at CES 2017

Release Time:2016-12-28    Reads:9560

The year of 2016 was disrupted by autonomous cars, AR/VR, AI, robots and so on. These technologies are making our life more and more intelligent and showing us the trend of technology advancement. Audiowell, which has been dedicated to providing creative solutions to shape an intelligent life, will demonstrate its latest innovations at CES 2017.

Dates: January 5th - 8th, 2017

Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA

Booth No.: Sands Expo Hall G 52627、52625

*  Air Boost Aroma Diffuser

The Air Boost Aroma Diffuser uses a sophisticated ultrasonic air pump to generate high-pressure air flow which makes bubbles in essence oil to accelerate the diffusion of essential oil molecules. This aroma diffuser has a compact size for easy carrying. With ultra low noise and low power consumption, it will create a sweet-scented atmosphere in your home, your hotel or your car in seconds.

* Position Tracking Sensor

Just like the echolocation of bats, the ultrasonic sensor can be used to track the relative location of a device by transmitting and receiving ultrasonic waves. This technology can be applied in VR controller and headset, obstacle avoidance system of UAV or robots, etc.

*  Nano Mist Moisturizing Comb

The Nano Mist Moisturizing Comb uses ultrasonic vibration to extrude the water through tiny holes and break apart its molecular chain, generating a mist of micro-scale water particles to eliminate the static electricity and moisturize the hair and scalp. It is also a portable charger with built-in Lithium battery and three types of charging connectors.

We look forward to seeing you at Las Vegas!

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