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Make intelligent cleaner more intelligent--------Ultrasonic sensors dedicated to intelligent cleaner

Release Time:2013-04-02    Reads:13662

The popularization of intelligent cleaner makes our life much more convenient and happier than before. Most of the dirt and dust, including hair, on the floor, furniture and so on can be easily cleaned by a small button!  Unfortunately, even for the current intelligent cleaners, it is beyond of their capability to clean long carpet.








However, challenges can always be turned to magic by some people. Thus, the bottom ultrasonic sensor recognition system is applied as a perfect solution to intelligent cleaner, which improves the “Intelligence” of  intelligent cleaner to a quite high level, and makes people’s life much more comfortable.

The ultrasonic sensors transmit and receive ultrasonic signal through tactile ( wave guide ) , and analysis it by the brain ( signal processor ) , then identify object ( soft materials, such as carpet , or hard material, such as floor and floor tile ) to start work based on relevant program..






Audiowell Electronics (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., who occupies the leading position of ultrasonic technology, is one of the largest ultrasonic sensor manufacturers in China. The ultrasonic sensor series consist of water-proof type, open type and assembled ultrasonic sensors, which have the advantages of large measurement range and strong anti-interference ability. They are widely used in automotive electronics, intelligent household applications, etc.


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